Two people observing and photographing a melting glacier.

Four Earth Tech alumni secure SDTC seed funding!

As a Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)-approved accelerator, Climate Ventures has the chance to nominate two of our accelerated ventures per quarter to the SDTC seed fund. 

We’re delighted to announce that both our most recent nominations – Earth Tech 2021 alumni 2S Water and ALT TEX – were successful in the SDTC seed fund’s latest round, securing a combined $150,000 in funding! 

2S Water is protecting the world’s water with real time data using single and multi element sensors for industrial and municipal applications. They provide the data that operators need to reduce emissions, reuse water, and make sure that water released back into the environment is clean and safe.

Anthony Nelson and Anthea Sargeaunt of 2S Water

ALT TEX is a “waste to wardrobe” startup developing sustainable, biodegradable and carbon neutral textiles re-engineered from food waste. They’re addressing the fashion industry’s most polluting textile, polyester, by using one of the world’s largest landfill contributors, food waste. 

Myra Arshad (left) and Avneet Ghotra (right) during a visit to their research lab

Both ventures are gaining traction, growing rapidly, and are poised to have an immense impact on some key climate and water challenges. 

In addition, two other Earth Tech alumni, ioAirFlow and Geosapiens Inc. were also successful this round!

ioAirFlow is a digital audit platform that uses wireless sensors and data analysis to find performance and energy efficiency issues in commercial buildings. We provide action plans to help buildings reduce their carbon emissions.

Geosapiens developed E-NUNDATION, a web-based solution for flood risk assessment and management. E-NUNDATION helps municipalities, insurers and citizens to reduce the economic, environmental and social impacts of floods.

This brings the total to 7 Earth Tech alumni that have now secured SDTC funding. 

Congrats to all the ventures, and especially the four that were successful this round!


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