A large tractor in a landfill surrounded by garbage.

Tackling single-use plastic with a social enterprise built at Climate Ventures and CSI

When Adrianna Couto and Erika Reyes met at CSI, they instantly felt an “incredible connection,” largely ignited by their passion for sustainability. Neither of them could have predicted that just a couple years later, they would join forces as co-founders of Inwit, a social enterprise working to make the takeout industry circular and zero waste. In fact, before joining CSI, neither of them could have predicted they would become social entrepreneurs at all, let alone pilot Toronto’s first low-waste takeout platform.

“CSI actually inspired me to become an entrepreneur,” Adrianna explains. In Erika’s case, she was “familiar with entrepreneurship and the startup world, but I didn’t know the term ‘social entrepreneur’ until I arrived at CSI.” Both women quickly took our programs by storm, enrolling in the DECA program, Social Entrepreneurship 101, the WOSEN program and participating in Climate Ventures. Whew! What a list. Now, Inwit is set to launch after being ranked one of the top 15 global solutions in the international Circular Innovation City Challenge! 

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