EAIGLE: Adapting AI for water conservation to fight COVID-19

As we’re navigating a global pandemic and a just recovery, we want to amplify the stories of those that are working harder than ever for a low-carbon future. We’re profiling each of our 16 ventures in Earth Tech – CSI’s Climate Ventures accelerator for startups and nonprofits working on climate and freshwater solutions. 

The current pandemic has been hard on businesses of all sizes, and startups are especially vulnerable in these uncertain times. But the ingenuity of Amir Hoss, the founder and CEO at EAIGLE, can’t be held back. He came up with a solution to use EAIGLE’s existing cleantech AI platform to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Hatching EAIGLE

EAIGLE developed an artificial intelligence (AI) software platform for crowd monitoring and real-time occupancy analysis that enables buildings to optimize their water and energy use. “I’ve always been looking for ways to make a positive impact on our planet, starting with cleantech energy and water conservation,” Amir told us. “In buildings, HVAC systems and swimming pools are the two components responsible for the majority of energy and water usage – but in recent years, there haven’t been effective solutions developed to address these inefficiencies. We saw a huge opportunity to optimize these systems through AI.”

Amir broke down those numbers for us. Bringing EAIGLE to Ontario’s 2,500 municipal recreation facilities can result in estimated annual savings and reductions of:

  • 2.5 million square metres of freshwater – enough to supply a city of 30,000 people
  • $8 million in freshwater costs
  • 65 GWh in energy consumption

“Numbers talk!” Amir said. “Knowing the amount of water and energy that is constantly wasted in the aquatics industry – it’s impactful.”

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

When the novel coronavirus began to spread, Amir and his team realized that they could use much of their existing AI technology to mitigate its transmission in public places. They rolled up their sleeves to create an AI software solution built upon their existing AI platform for crowd monitoring and occupancy analysis. It detects who may have contracted the virus through body temperature monitoring.

The solution is unique because of its crowd monitoring capabilities. It enables facilities to measure body temperatures in large crowds without any interruption in traffic flow or normal operations. It also monitors occupancy to help facilities optimize space operation and encourage social distancing.

“Our team has worked tirelessly for weeks to bring this solution to the public,” Amir said. “We are determined to put an end to this pandemic, and we are grateful that we can create a positive impact.” EAIGLE’s solution is already making waves. They joined the MaRS COVID-19 Coalition, a group of startups that are shifting their business practices and using tech to help eradicate the pandemic. They were also selected to participate in Next AI, a world-class program for artificial intelligence-based ventures.

EAIGLE’s scalability and flexibility allowed Amir’s team to quickly pivot their AI platform to help fight the coronavirus pandemic. “We’re fortunate that in a time that most businesses are struggling, we’re able to not only hold our ground, but grow much faster than before and help to fight against COVID-19. And we’re growing while maintaining a triple bottom line,” Amir told us.

Looking beyond the crisis

Amir admits that innovation has been both instrumental and detrimental to climate change. Technology has led to a huge jump in carbon emissions compared to pre-industrial levels, but with the rise of cleantech solutions, Amir thinks the technology of the near future will protect the planet starting with energy and water conservation. “We’re thrilled to participate in Earth Tech because of its novel approach towards water saving,” Amir added. “It’s a unique accelerator program that’s focusing on making a meaningful impact on the environment.”

EAIGLE’s mission is to lead the development of AI and clean technologies for smart buildings and cities. “That journey starts now with optimizing water and energy management systems in the recreation sector,” Amir said. “EAIGLE’s AI solutions change the way we manage buildings and cities. And our ability to adapt that technology to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 has shown us that we can expand to other sectors as well.”

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