Earth Tech is a six-month accelerator for those working on climate or water technology solutions that will positively impact communities and ecosystems across Canada.

Canadian cleantech has a critical role to play in tackling the climate crisis, and ventures from coast to coast are working harder than ever to ensure a flourishing future for people and the planet.

Earth Tech helps startups and nonprofit social enterprises validate their solutions and business models, advance their technologies, raise funding, and create meaningful impact. Running each year, Earth Tech supports enterprises advancing climate and water solutions.

Note: Earth Tech is now run in partnership between SI Canada and Foresight Canada, visit Accelerate from Anywhere to learn more


While participating in Earth Tech over 6 months, 49 early-stage ventures have achieved a combined:

earned and raised
jobs supported
partnerships established
pilots run
new customers
average TRL increase in 6 months
Two women test the water quality of a stream.
“Being part of Earth Tech has been a remarkable experience. I have learned so much about the skills needed to make change-making ventures a reality.”
Kat Kavanagh, Water Rangers

Earth Tech is a program of SI Canada delivered in partnership with Foresight Canada. It’s made possible through the generous support of the RBC Foundation, the Peter Gilgan Foundation, Bullfrog Power, and Vancity Community Investment Bank (VCIB). Earth Tech is also a Mitacs and SDTC-Seed Fund approved accelerator.

Earth Tech is a part of Accelerate from Anywhere, an initiative that supports emerging entrepreneurs driven by impact, with programs at every stage, and from anywhere in Canada.

How We Support Our Ventures

During our climate programs, participating early-stage ventures have earned and raised nearly $44.7 million while supporting 554 full-time jobs.

We offer our ventures extensive, tailored supports, including: 

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Bi-weekly one-to-one time with top, seasoned Entrepreneurs-in-Residence for outcomes-based coaching, and office hours with dozens of expert advisors.

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Quality, customized workshops on topics like financial modelling, pitching, and impact measurement; invites to lunch & learns, panels, talks, and more!

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Access to our network of networks, and connections to funding & other business opportunities; increased profile through our marketing and investor pitch events.

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Regular cohort workshops and events for peer-to-peer support and learning with like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators from across Canada.


Earth Tech is for early-stage Canadian startups and nonprofit social enterprises developing technologies that addresses a range of climate change or water outcomes. The program caters to pre-Series A, Validation or Efficiency-stage ventures with Technology Readiness level 3 or higher. Contact us if you have questions about Earth Tech ventures or your eligibility.


Flash Forest is a Canadian drone reforestation company that modifies drones to fire rapidly germinating tree seeds into the earth.
SDG 9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
SDG 13: Climate Action
SDG 15: Life On Land
ALT TEX is a B2B biomaterials startup creating sustainable textiles chemically regenerated from food waste that are biodegradable and carbon neutral.
SDG 6: Clean Water & Sanitation
SDG 12: Responsible Consumption & Production
SDG 13: Climate Action
Pulsenics develops capabilities to evaluate the state of electrochemical systems without the need for shut-down. Their mission is to provide the tools to drive the electrochemical industry towards a more sustainable and efficient reality.
SDG 7: Affordable & Clean Energy
SDG 9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
SDG 13: Climate Action


Entrepreneurs-in-Residence & Advisors


Helen Platis

Entrepreneur-in-Residence with Climate Ventures
Helen brings over twenty years leadership and management experience within small and large organizations across the private and public sectors. Her field is energy, her expertise is market entry strategies, and she's been lucky enough to support different kinds of companies, all over the world: private/public, large/small, highly regulated, startups and not-for-profit.

Claire Dixon

Entrepreneur-in-Residence with Climate Ventures & Foresight
Claire has a unique ability to distill complex and disparate information into clear, concise insights. She brings 20+ years of strategy and operations experience in strategic consulting and senior operational roles. Claire holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a MEng/MA from Cambridge University.
Headshot of Ivette Vera-Perez.
Ivette has over 15 years of experience in the cleantech, energy, and environment sectors. An active member of CleanTech North and the Ontario Hydrogen Business Council, her experience spans from business development to site engineering, operations, and financing.

Partners & Funders

Logo for RBC Foundation
Funder, Partner

The RBC Foundation

The RBC Foundation is focused on preparing youth for the future of work, protecting the environment, and helping emerging artists thrive. RBC Foundation is contributing funding and expertise to support Earth Tech and its participants.
Funder, Partner

Bullfrog Power

Bullfrog Power, a Spark Power company, is a Canadian green energy retailer operating in Canada. Bullfrog Power is contributing both funding and expertise to support Earth Tech and its participants.
Logo for the Peter Gilgan Foundation
Funder, Partner

Peter Gilgan Foundation

The Peter Gilgan Foundation aims to improve the lives of children and families by empowering charities that help the world transition to a more healthy, prosperous, and sustainable future.
VCIB is a values-driven bank on a mission to finance a sustainable tomorrow. VCIB is the only Canadian bank exclusively focused on partnerships with organizations that drive social, economic and environmental change.
Logo for WWF


WWF-Canada creates solutions to the environmental challenges that matter most for Canadians. WWF-Canada is providing advisory services to Earth Tech participants.

Interested in partnering? Contact us

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